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Introduction to the EDP

For seven months, a dedicated team has been investigating the allegations that Russian athletes have benefited from a systematic, centralized and institutionalized control manipulation and cover up of the doping control processes used in Russia.

The first Independent Person Report, released in July 2016, found that the scope of the Russian manipulation and doping control cover up was greater than originally thought. At the time of the 1st Report the investigation was on going and the IP elected to withhold the evidence until the investigation was completed. With the announcement of the 2nd Report the investigation is complete and the IP is placing in the EDP all evidence it has in its possession that is not confidential or otherwise restricted.

This website contains all of the non-confidential evidence that the Independent Person investigation team has relied upon or used in some fashion. From photos to emails and from forensic reports to test analyses, it is a transparent and open way for the sports community, sports leaders and the general public to view the evidence that support and confirm the findings. From May 2017 a certified English translation of all Russian documents has been added.

Thank you for your interest in our work.

Professor Richard H. McLaren, O.C.
Independent Person Investigation

How to use this site

  1. This site contains 1,166 documents (of these, 915 have been translated from Russian into English) that the Independent Person Investigation used in its investigation into allegation of doping by the Russians.
  2. You will be able to consult photos, forensic reports, testing analysis, schedules, emails and working documents.
  3. Athlete's names have been redacted. Athletes are referenced by a unique numeric code.
  4. This site is fully searchable. You can search by sample number, athlete number and exhibit number. The site also has a free text search function.
  5. Multiple search terms can be used from one search.
  6. English translations are marked by a _T to the corresponding Russian EDP number.


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